About Us

       Glen Iris was constructed in 1923 in the Southside area of Birmingham within the Glen Iris Park community.  It served grades K-12 until 1939 when Ramsay High School was built.  The student body included grades K-8 until 1989 when the Birmingham City School System reorganized to establish middle schools.  Currently the school houses pre- K-5.  Glen Iris is in a modern and newly renovated facility located at 1115 11th Street South.  The Glen Iris and Five Points South Communities are popular areas for entertainment and historic preservation. 

         The Glen Iris student body numbers over 700, proudly including a large international student population. Thirty-seven classrooms provide instruction for students in Pre-Kindergarten through Fifth grade.  All students are taught by a dedicated and highly qualified staff.  Classrooms are equipped with computers, promethean boards, and Internet.

         At Glen Iris the students engage in the Fine Arts of Art, Band, Mixed Method Art and Music. Our extra curricular activities including our Award Winning cheerleading, basketball, track, soccer, technology club, engineering club, garden club, chess club and our newest book club. 
    We also offer our students life lessons with hands on experiences in our outdoor classroom. Glen Iris has a wonderful outdoor garden area where the students plant and work to discover the proper use of tools and planting. The flowers range from ornamental to medicinal. We have fruit trees, herbs, vegetables and various plants ranging from blackberries to sunflowers. Plants vary depending upon the seasons. Edible school gardens give children the opportunity to learn where their food comes from and the importance of good nutrition. "If they grow it, they’ll eat it,” says Principal Dr. Wilson. Teachers know it, studies show it: children involved in fruit and vegetable gardens are more likely to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Our garden also has a Koi fish pond with a variety of water species. Currently, we are under construction to add an outdoor kitchen-lab-classroom.
    In  recent  years,  the  University  of  Alabama  at  Birmingham  (UAB),  which  includes  a  state of the art hospital facility,  has grown to the point of being our most influential neighbor.  Student teachers, tutors, and volunteers from UAB and other community universities and agencies enhance the educational experiences of the students.  
    Through BREAD, Birmingham Regional Empowerment and Development Center, A 21st Century Learning Center we conduct quality after school and summer enrichment programming.
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