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  • Welcome to the

    Glen Iris Elementary School

    Library Media Center

    Hours:  7:45am-3:15pm



    Library Faculty

    Mary Watson

    Mrs. Mary Watson Teacher-Librarian

    Masters of Library Information Studies, UA

    Master of Early Childhood Education, UAB

    Bachelor of Early Childhood Education, BSC


    Vision Statement


    The Glen Iris Library Media Center seeks to create an environment of academic excellence, ensuring that students are afforded equitable access to information, taught critical thinking/information literacy skills, and encouraged to become lifelong learners.  The library media center strives to be a hub of collaboration; encouraging students to grow in their appreciation of literature and to be respectful, resourceful, and resilient learners.


    Mission Statement


    The mission of the Glen Iris Library Media Center is to instill in our students a positive attitude toward reading and learning with the realization that in order to succeed one must be able to read.  The library will support the curriculum by collaborating with teachers, developing a collection that is representative of the community, and implementing literacy instruction for the students.