•  Mrs. Deborah Holloway

    Name: Deborah Holloway
    Grade: 9-12
    Subject: Media Services
    Classroom: Media Center/Library
    Phone Ext: 231-7070
     As library media specialist, it is my duty to plan, direct, implement and evaluate the library program.  I manage the library, as well as establish behavioral standards for students in the LMC.  I assist students in becoming effective users of library resources, help students with reference work and skills, and in developing independence in using reference materials with assignments.  As library manager, I work to effectively use the clerk and student assistants. 

    As LMS/teacher, I assist students with reading selections, work to support the curriculum through curriculum development, provide leadership in research and library skills, and attempt to instill a love for reading by promoting programs for the library and reading.  I actively collaborate and plan with teachers in integrating library services and multimedia materials with their instructional programs.

    I strive to remain current in trends in education and professional development.  I have a B.S. in Biology/Zoology from Alabama A & M University, a M.Ed in Biology Education from Alabama A & M University, an Ed.S. in Biology Education from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, as well as certification in Library Education Media from Alabama State University. 

    In my spare time I enjoy exercising, photography, shopping, and of course, reading.