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    Conference                                                          School: Ossie Ware Mitchell

    Hours: 1:55-2:55 pm                                           Website: http://bcs.schoolwires.net/Domain/22



    Course Description:

    The Physical Education program at Ossie Ware Mitchell Middle School is designed to meet the physical, mental and social needs of the whole child.  In Health, we study units on Nutrition, Body System, Substance Abuse, Mental Health, Communicable and Non-communicable Diseases, Safety and First Aid.  Physical Education units include activities such as Football, Recreation games, Volleyball, Baseball, Soccer, Bowling and etc.


    Comfortable shorts and t-shirts, tennis shoes with non-marking soles and are required.


    1.      To improve physical fitness

    2.      Increase knowledge of physical and health education

    3.      Improve long term lifetime skills

    4.      Develop awareness of health practices

    5.      To increase the awareness of sports history

     Required Resources:

    Computer (home/school) or community library

    Cell phone (at teacher request)

     Course Requirements/Assignments:

    Your grades will be based on four areas of consideration during each nine-week grading period. Each student will have his total score earned based on a maximum of 20 points per day during the grading period. A total of 100 points may be earned a week

    ·         Collages on exploring the world of sports (100 points)

    ·         Seasonal sports competition between genders and mixed (100 points)

    ·         Research papers on the history of sports (100 points)

    ·         Skill Grade: 15% Skill test, objective score, tournament standings and skill evaluation by

    ·         Participation Grade: 35% Active participation in each activity, enthusiasm and effort.

    ·         Sportsmanship Grade: 10% Sportsmanship, cooperation, conduct in the locker room, on time for class, getting along and helping others.

    ·         Written Grade: 15% Tests quizzes on rules, etc.

    ·         Dressing out Grade: 25% Each student must dress in appropriate attire which is the school physical education uniform


     Course Schedule:


    9 Weeks Intervals          Topics: (pacing guides)                           Required Reading/ Activities


    Volleyball                       History of Volleyball                                Read/Write/Skills   Volleyball


    Football                           History of Football                                 Read/Write/ Skills Football


    Bowling                         History of Bowling                                   Read/Write/Skills Bowling


    Basketball                     History of Basketball                                Read/Write/Skills Basketball


    Soccer                          History of Soccer                                     Read/Write/Skills Soccer


    Softball/Baseball            History of Softball/Baseball                       Read/Write/Skills


    Kickball                         History of Kickball                                   Read/Write/Skills Kickball