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    Name: Coach Michael Jordan
    Grade: K- 5
    Subject: Physical Education
    Classroom: Gym
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    Hello Everyone,

    My name is Michael Jordan and I am excited about the upcoming 2020 - 2021 school year.  I have been a teacher and coach at W.J. Christian for the last twelve years and have enjoyed every minute of it. I am a proud graduate of Alabama A&M University with a degree in Health and Physical Education.  Weather remotely or in-person I look forward to teaching and training your child this year.

    Through our Physical Education program, it is paramount that students learn a variety of important life skills which include movement skills, knowledge, and behavior/social skills, over the course of each school year.  Some of these include locomotor, non-locomotor, and manipulative skills, team-building, social interaction skills, and cognitive concepts linked to fitness, wellness, skill development, and social skills appropriate to each grade/developmental level.  It is my goal for all students to be competent in a variety of fundamental motor skills because these skills enhance everyday living.  The acquisition of fundamental motor skills is essential to improving one's overall fitness and key in leading an enjoyable active lifestyle.  Moreover, I want all students to develop an understanding of the importance of lifelong fitness and skill-building concepts.  It is important that I instill healthy living and activity knowledge, skills, and disposition at a young age in an attempt to impact positive lifestyle choices and patterns for the long term.


    Have fun!

    Coach Jordan