My Introduction

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    Name:  J. Williams  

    Grade: 2nd

    Subject: All Classroom

    Office Hours: 9:00am - 11:00am, Monday - Thursday

    Cell Number: 205-301-3344
    School Phone Ext: 205-231-5555
     SHOUT OUT to the following students and parent(s) who are doing a great job with their packets/online assignments:
    Terrez, Kayden, Cristofer, Lesley, Charlesha, Tiana, and Charlesha
    Education Galaxy:
    Terrez, Cristopher, Imani, Tiana, Kayden Awesome Job!!!
    Keep up the Good Work!!!
    ***Parents, please go to Robinson's main page and take the survey.
    ******Please check your Dojo account to receive current information. 
    *********Please view Helpful Links, Homework, and Assignment on my page.
    **On Education Galaxy, I have assigned math and reading tasks for my students to complete by the end of each week.  *** 
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