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    Name:Janice Shearer Christian
    Grade: 12th
    Subject: U. S.Goverment and Psychology
    Classroom: 404
    Phone Ext: 205 4341525
    Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 10am -2pm
    A-Day 1St period  -  American Government- jrlfhmn
    A-Day 3rd peri od  - Economics - hxdgt5  
    B -Day 6th period -  American Government-eeygxnp 
    B- Day  7th period - Psychology - 56w7cc4
    B-  Day 8th period  - Psychologhy um5ph7n         

    Francis Scott Key 1779 - 1843

    US Flag

    1814 - The Star Spangled Banner
    "'Tis the star-spangled banner;
    O long may it wave
    O'er the land of the free,
    and the home of the brave!"


    Miles College


                                                                                    I LOVE HISTORY!


                                                                                    My Special Quotes:
                                              Those Who Do Not Learn From History Are Doomed to Repeat It.
    George Santayana
                                              .. Government of the People, By the People, and For the People
                     Declaration of Independence