• Dear Parents,

       I am very excited to welcome your child to my second grade class! Keeping students engaged is very important to me, but even more important is that I expect each student to be successful throughout the 2013-2014 school years. I have very high expectations for my students in all subject areas.  In order for them to achieve success, it will take ALL of  us working together.
       I take my job as an educator seriously and will always strive to meet the individual needs of your child. I enjoy challenging my students through various academic tasks. My individual expectations for my students are astronomical, I am firm but considerate of each child’s individual requirements, therefore I will always consider the emotional and physical needs of each student.


       The second grade is a critical year.Children are expected to be more independent in their learning. They are in their upper elementary years. My goal is to promote a new sense of independence by allowing many opportunities for critical thinking, sometimes referred to as a higher level of thinking. I will ask your child to take responsibility for many things.The purpose of this belief is so your child can begin to feel more self-sufficient, to be proud of his/her accomplishments, as well as prepare him/her for third grade.

       Parents and teachers partnering together with open communication will ensure that your child is working up to his/her full potential. I want this year to be another step along the road to your child becoming a life-long learner. If any questions or concerns arise during this school year, do not hesitate to contact me. I want to have a good communication system with you so that we can contribute to a great learning experience.You may leave a message for me through the school at 205-231-8620, or email me at Tsmith5@bhm.k12.al.us.
       I look forward to helping your child have a productive, successful, and rewarding

         Ms. Tamika Smith, Second Grade