Welcome to Pre-K

    Welcome to Mrs. Larkins' Pre-K Class where our motto is "Learners today, Leaders tomorrow".  This year the Pre-K children will grow as students and little citizens as they enhance their cognitive, social-emotional, physical, and language skills in a supportive environment. 

    Our developmentally appropriate program is geared toward young children and how they learn best.  Our curriculum allows many opportunities for children to build pre-reading, pre-math, social, and other learning skills through play, songs, stories, learning centers, special projects, and both large and small group instruction.  We aim to prepare the children for kindergarten and beyond by giving them the tools they need to be independent learners. 

     Our program is linked closely to learning at home and we encourage family involvement.  Frequently at-home activities will be posted to help children to continue learning outside the walls of the classroom.   

    Be sure to check back each week for our weekly "Here's the Scoop" newsletter, special announcements, and for at-home activity ideas.  We look forward to a very successful Pre-K year!


    Mrs. Larkins