• Ugoala

    Name:  Sandra W. Ugoala
    Grade:  4th
    Subject:  All
    Classroom:  154 (Brown Hall)
    Phone Ext:  205.231.6680
    Indewo, Greetings!
    Welcome parents, students, and any other curiosity seekers to my web page.
    My name is Sandra 'SuGo' Ugoala.  Ugoala means "Land Eagle'.  It is a Nigerian name my husband gave me over ten years ago.
    If you are reading my page then you are interested in me and my philosophy of teaching.
    I love reading, traveling, and writing (poetry, children's books, and inspirational writings) SuGo Rhymes.
    I have been employed with the Birmingham Board of Education since 2000.  The group of children I teach are fourth graders and any others who are in the range of my instructions.  I have a Bachelor of Science (BS) and a Masters degree (MA) both in Elementary Education.  I received both degrees from The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB).  Currently, I am in the final phase (a very tedious process) of my Doctoral Studies with Walden University.
    Teaching is my passion and I believe all students are capable of learning.  I am a very hands-on out of the box type teacher.  I will vigorously research to find activities and lessons that are fun, interesting, and thought provoking which tie into the Alabama Course of Study.  I think it is very important that students become a part of you and vice versa, that they "feel the connection" you have with them.  This will afford you to hook them into you and the curriculum.  My  classroom functions as a democracy.  Students have certain freedoms, but are governed by a set of class rules at all times.  My students are encouraged to debate an issue and voice their concerns and/or disagreements.
    This is my philosophy of teaching in a small, minute, nutshell.
    Mrs. Sandra 'SuGo' Ugoala