• Ms. Evans



    Name:  Seandrea Evans
    Grade:  Kindergarten
    Subject:  All
    Classroom:  139 (Yellow Hall)

         Welcome to Kindergarten !!!!

    I am one of three awesome Kindergarten teachers here at South Hampton K-8 School.  I have lived in Birmingham most of my life.  I am graduated from Miles College Fairfield, Alabama in 200l.  I also have a Masters of Education in Educational Administration from Grand Canyon University, Phoenix,Arizona. I am going into my nineteen year of teaching Kindergarten and I truly love it!!!  
    Teaching Kindergarten has always been the only choice for me. I love teaching the little bitty ones and watching them blossom. I think of my Kindergarten students as precious flowers: in August, just a bud; January, a bloom; and a lovely blossom in May. Kindergarten is a time for children to explore, inquire, and discover many new things. I try to give each child a positive, meaningful and purposeful experience every day. So when the school year is over they have learned a lot of new things.
    Keeping in mind that children at this age learn best by doing, doing, and doing skills are retained longer in their heads and hearts!