• Central Park School After School Care Program - Ms. E. Sklivis, Site Administrator

    Central Park Before and After School Care provides a safe and nurturing environment for the student, parents, and staff. We offer a variety of activities for the students to enjoy.  Academic Enrichment, Homework help; Star Assessment, STEM activities, Cultural Enrichment, Community Services, Character Development; Arts and Crafts; Sports/Physical Activities; BookClubs/Reading Enrichment; Leadership Development and much more!

    We have different guest speakers to come and offer information that will increase the knowledge of the child/children as well as the parents.

    The students are involved in outside activities that affect many different people.  They create cards for the troops overseas as well as for the veterans in the VAMC in Birmingham and Tuscaloosa.  They also make "THANK YOU" cards for the police and fire departments in remembrance of "9/11". For the hard work they do to protects us and our community.

    Central Park After School hours are from 2:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.  An application must be on file before the child/children can start.  You may contact Ms. Elizabeth Sklivis, Site Administrator at 231-1290 or  231-1250 and leave a message.  Your call will be returned.


    $40.00 First Child/  $30.00 Second Child / $20.00 each additional child.

    $40.00 Pre-K

    $10.00 Per Day:  Not to exceed 3 days PART TIME

    $10.00 Drop-In Rate Due at TIME of PICK UP

    $10.00 Late Fee ANY TIME AFTER 6:00 p.m. and EVERY 15 MINUTES THERE AFTER.

    *  The weekly reate MUST BE PAID EACH WEEK REGARDLESS OF YOUR STUDENT'S ATTENDENCE.  If your student misses a week, you will be responsible for that weekly rate.  IT MUST BE PAID EACH MONDAY.  YOU ARE PAYING FOR THE SPACE FOR YOUR CHILD.

    *  We do accept third party payments from DHR; CCR; CCC; and your place of employment.

    *  Payments are eith CASH; MONEY ORDERS or CASHIER'S CHECK.  Should you have any further questions you may call Mrs. Cathy McCord-Baugh at 231-2371 at Parker Community School.

    *  All children must be signed out each day and time must be put in also.  If someone other that the people listed on your registration forms will be signing your child/children out , please send a note with the name of the person who will be picking them up.

    *  The children are served a nutritious snack from the lunchroom.

    *  Central Park After School Care adheres to the Birmingham Board of Education Code of Conduct.  We will not use corporal punishment, but other disciplinary actions spelled out in the Code of Conduct and the Parent Handbook will be enforced in case of violations. Your child/children will be written up for discipline problems after being given three verbal warnings.  After three verbal warnings, a written warning will be issued.  After three written warnings a hearing will be held with Mrs. Cathy M. Baugh Community Education Coordinator and Mr. Rob Lee Community Education  Liaison.  If you do not have a copy of the Code of Conduct, we willl be happy to get you a copy.

    *  Any child/children or parent that repeatedly displays inappropriate behavior, disruptive or hostile behavior or causes physical injury to any child/children or staff members will be subject to suspension and /or expulsion from the program.