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     Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year. I want to welcome my new parents and students to the start of a great new year.  I am so pleased to be an educator at Martha Gaskins Elementary school. I have been at Martha Gaskins for several years and I am committed to your childrens future. Although I look forward to teaching each day, it is definitely not an easy task. Your kids are my kids while they are in my care.  I hope to inspire and to shape their lives not only in an educational sense, but also in a personal way.  I want them to experience learning in a positive way.  Before your children come to me, allow them to experience every educational resource that they can possibly be exposed to.  It is never to early to expose your child to learning new things. I look forward to seeing you all this year.  Let's  have a great year!!!!
    Name: Sharon Garner
    Grade: Kindergarten
    Subject: General
    Contact: Please Join ClassDojo

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