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    Name:Juanita Hill
    Subject:Business Technology Applications
    Phone Ext:231-2424
    Course Syllabus
    Instructor:  Ms. Juanita Hill
    Grade Level:    9-12
    Prerequisite:    None
    Instructional Philosophy:  Provide students with opportunities to develop keyboarding skills; develop an understanding for the work environment through use of employability skills; reinforce basic skills in areas of communication, mathematics and technology; build proficiency in the use of the latest software programs available in the school.
    Course Description
    Business Technology Applications is a one-credit course designed to help students develop mastery skills in the area of word processing,  database management, spreadsheet, presentation, Internet, E-mail, banking and employability/work ethics.  Great emphasis is placed on communication and critical thinking skills through teamwork, projects, resource persons and student organization.  Another integral component of the curriculum is the application of  decision-making skills.
    Co-Curricular component:  FBLA
             Century  21 Computer Applications and Keyboarding 9th Ed.  South-Western Publishing
             DDC:  Computer Applications for Business
    Software Programs:
    • Word                                                                                       Excel
    • Access                                                                                    Powerpoint
    • MicroType 5.0                                                                         Kuder
    • CheckPro for Century 21                                                        TimeMAPS                                                                 Work Maturity & Job Employability                                  
     Course Requirements:
    Each student is required to purchase a 2" ring binder to house class work, test, and quiz(zes).  Students must present to class daily:  pen, pencil, notebook and CD-RW, USB Drive or diskette for saving work.  All students are strongly encourage to participate in FBLA by becoming a paid member-yearly dues
    $15.00 non-refundable.
    Course Goals:
    • To encourage critical thinking skills
    • To provide a realistic understanding of the work environment
    • To enhance employability skills
    • To promote character development such as:  human relations, good work habits, positive attitudes, and ethical standards
    • To stimulate interest in career development (Kuder)
    Individual Differences:
    No student will be denied access to our program because of race, creed, sex, color or religion.  Reasonable accommodations and modifications will be made for student with special needs based on the IEP.
    Assessment Procedures: PERFORMANCE

    • Projects                                                                            20-25%
    • Formal Exams                                                                  15-20%
    • Oral/Multimedia Presentations                                         10-20%
    • Laboratory (class) Work                                                   20-25%
    • Quiz (zes)                                                                                5%
    • Kuder Assessment                                                                  5%
    • Internet research assignments                                                5%
    • Community (Live) Work-when applicable                                5%   (BONUS)