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    Class Room Rules and Procedures

    Class room procedures and rules help to create a safe and productive learning environment.  I use a traffic light behavior chart. If a student's name is under the red strip, it means "I have not followed the classroom procedure or rules." If it falls under yellow, it means "Almost, but I need to try harder." If it falls under green, it means "I am working hard and doing a good job." Students will get a daily behavior sheet that must be signed and returned the next day.



    1.Use  inside voice

    2.Keep hand and feet to yourself


    3.Listen to your teacher

    4.Raise your hand if you have a question or an answer





    Entering the Class

    1.    Enter class quietly


    2.    Go directly to your seat


    3.    Choose a book to read from the basket


    Exiting the Class

    1.    Put your things away


    2.    Line up when  number is called


    3.    Line up quietly and exit the room                          


    Lunch Room Procedure

    1.   Enter lunchroom quietly


    2.   Eat over your tray


    3.   Clean up your area and take tray when number is called


    Bathroom Procedure

    1. Line up by your number

    2. Only three students in the restroom at a time

     3. Use the restroom and exit quietly



    1. Finish all your class work


    2. Read and complete homework each night


    3. Treat others the way you want to be treated


    4. Be on green at the end of the school day