Name: Pernell Allen
    Subject: Technology Instructor
    Classroom: B205
    Dear Parents,

    “In order for use to ensure that all our children have their shot at the American dream, we need to empower them with the technological literacy they'll need to succeed in a new and ever-changing information economy.” (Bill Clinton, 1995)


    Here at West End Academy we would like to offer your child access to our educational computer network which can enhance your child’s education.  Students will have access to various software applications, hundreds of databases, libraries and computer services from all over the world through the Internet and other electronic information systems.  The Internet also grants your child the opportunity to reach out to many other people to share information, learn concepts, and research subjects by the sending and receiving of messages using a computer.


    With this educational opportunity also comes responsibility.  It is important that you and your child read the District Policy and Internet Use Agreement form and discuss these requirements together.  When your child is given an account and allowed to use the computer network it is extremely important that the rules are followed. 


    Inappropriate network use will result in the loss of the privilege to use this educational tool.


    Although the district has blocked and filtered various inappropriate sites, I want you to be aware that no filtering capability is 100% guaranteed. We must recognizes, no filtering technology can guarantee that students will be prevented from accessing inappropriate locations. While teacher supervision is provided on such occasions, students need to be made aware of the school and District’s expectations regarding their behavior while using the internet for educational purposes.


    Although these guidelines will be explained to your child by school personnel, I urge you to discuss appropriate internet usage, and responsibilities with your child.


    You may leave a message for me through the school at 205-231-1740, or email me at pallen@bhm.k12.al.us . I look forward to helping your child have a productive, successful, and rewarding year!


    Remember, “Working Together WE Can Make A Difference”