•  Cecilia Phillips, Counselor

                Cecilia Phillips, Counselor
                 G.W. Carver High School
                 3900 24th Street North
                 Birmingham, AL 35207
    Main Office:  (205)231-3900
    Desk:  (205)231-3497
    Remote Contact: (205)558-6449
      (Calls only, No Text Accepted)
    Email: cphillips@bhm.k12.al.us
              Remote Office Hours   
             11am -1pm  Mon-Thur

     If I can't fix it, change it, or do anything about it, I just pray!

                            Important Senior Information
    ACT TEST             Registration               Late                  ESTIMATED
       Dates                 Deadline              Registration          Score Release
    October 10            Sept. 25                   NONE              Oct 20--Nov 27
    October 17            Sept. 25                   NONE              Oct 27--Dec 4
    October 24            Sept. 25                   NONE              Nov 10- Dec 31
    October 25            Sept. 25                   NONE              Nov 11- Jan 2
    December 12         Nov. 6                   Nov 7-20            Dec 22 - Feb 5
    February 6             Jan. 8                   Jan 9-15             Feb 16 - Apr 1
    April 17                 Mar. 12                 Mar 13-26           Apr 27 - May 7
    June 12                 May 7                   May 8-21            Jun 22- Aug 9
    July 17                  Jun 18                  Jun 19-25           July 27 - Sept 3

    To All 10th Graders Last Names J-R and 12th Grade Students: 


    • All work assignments from teachers should be completed and submitted.
    • Teachers may have deadlines so read carefully. 
    • Double check your work before submitting.  You want to make the best grade possible!
    • Grade Results and Night School will be used for making up failures. 

    If you need to discuss this please contact me.

    College Research Info:

    1.  Pick 5 colleges you may want to attend after completing high school.
    2.  Start a binder with the entry requirements such as: GPA, ACT or SAT, Keep this binder handy!
    3.  Do these colleges offer what you need to get you to your desired career?
    4.  Look at the college website to be sure your major course of study is there. 
    5.  If available, look at the syllabus or major program requirements.
    6.  Jot down the tuition, room and board (if you are interested in living on campus).
    7.  Jot down other fees to determine your overall cost for attending the college for at least 4 years.
    8.  Write an essay explaining why you deserve or need a scholarship.
    9.  Start working on your FAFSA !!  You can enter all the information and click save.  


    •  Start a conversation with your parent/guardian about going to college. 
    •  Ask the bold question:  At what age do you expect me to move out?  
    •  Are you preparing yourself for your near future?