The Student Lighthouse Team is comprised of no more than eighteen elected members. The members help to plan, carry out, and evaluate events throughout the year, as well as coordinate fundraisers and use the provided resources to give back to the school and community.



    Attend all meetings and participate actively

    We want and need to hear your ideas as your school leaders.  We expect that if you cannot attend a meeting, that you see the president or an advisor with prior notice. Mandatory meetings take place every other Wednesday of each month at 3:15 p.m., unless noted otherwise.



    Promote and attend all Student Lighthouse events


    This includes all events, projects, and gatherings of the Student Lighthouse.  This is what you were elected to your positions to do.



    Organize events, projects, and gatherings


    All members are expected to assist a chairperson and be on at least one committee.  Fourth and fifth grade members are expected to chair a committee and act as a member on at least one other.



    Communicate thoughts, suggestions, and ideas from your peers to the Lighthouse


    This is how you assist and support your class.  Don't be afraid to share ideas from you or your classmates.



    Follow all school rules and regulations


    You are the leaders of your school–the ones who set the mood and impressions upon your peers.  You should serve as a good representation of the way your student body should conduct themselves.



    Follow through with your responsibilities


    This just simply means that if you volunteer and promise to do something that you get it done.  If you ever do need assistance or guidance, the executive board has your back and is more than willing to help you.



    Keep positive and have fun!


    Remember to have positive mental attitude and always have fun with Student Lighthouse Team. The Lighthouse experience is exactly what you make of it.  Be optimistic and glad that you are the leaders of your student body.