Dr Boyd
  • In this time of great forward movement in Birmingham City Schools, instructional leadership and support is vital to the future success of our students. Over the past thirty-four years, I have successfully taught students, served as an interventionist, mentored new teachers, and served as an assistant principal. Throughout my tenure at Birmingham City Schools, I have served students from the four lowest performing schools in the district to the International Baccalaureate School at Phillips Academy. It is my belief and experience that all students can learn to a high level, given the appropriate instruction and capable leadership.

    The future of Charles A. Brown is bright. As we move forward together, we have two main priorities. Our first priority is student safety. We believe safety includes physical, emotional, and social well-being. We are developing relationships and a community of caring here at Charles A. Brown. This family includes administration, faculty and staff, students, parents, guardians, extended family, community leaders and volunteers. Our second priority is to develop each student’s strengths, and support areas of growth so that ALL students can exceed their potential. We encourage each of you to join us in our quest to become a beacon in our community

    In Your Service,

    Dr. Paula Boyd

    (205) 231-6860

  • Dr. Paula Boyd