• Welcome to Seventh and Eighth Grade Science

    Instructor:  Mr. McAlpine

    Science students can look forward to a very active year. Students will be challenged to explore questions, think critically, work together, share ideas, use lab equipment and most importantly "do science".

    Student expectations:

    • Show respect for one another, the teacher, and school property.
    • Come to class each day with journal, text and a pen and pencil.
    • Follow directions and safety rules in the classroom and laboratory.
    • Use your journal to record assignments and keep track of grades.
    • Keep your notebook organized.
    • Make up work missed for any reason within one week.  It is the student’s responsibility to arrange to take tests or turn in work.
    • Take pride in your work.
    • Show effort to fully participate in class and learn material presented.
    • Be available for further study and reassessment opportunities

    Enduring Understandings

    • Recognize there is a scientific way of thinking to solve problems.
    • Understand key concepts and principles of science.
    • Become familiar with the natural world and respect its unity and diversity.
    • Be aware that science, math, and technology depend on one another and they each have strengths and weaknesses

    Essential Questions

    • Can all problems be solved using science?
    • How is all life on Earth alike but different?
    • Can patterns in the natural world be used to make predictions?
    • What is energy and how can it be used?