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    Name:Michael Newton
    Subject:Language Arts
    Phone Ext:231-3900
    Google phone number: 205-440-3616
    Email adress:mnewton@bhm.k12.al.us
    Hours: Monday and Tuesday 11-1
               Wednesday and Thursday 9-11

    Distance Learning
     Mr. Newton-9 th Grade Literacy

    Lesson Plans for April 2020
    Each ninth grade students was issued an English SREB English literacy
    book. In addition, they received a google classroom code.

    Week of: 6-10
    Lesson 4.2 Part 3: Closing Reading-Independent practice. Pages 92-96

    Week of 13-17:
    Lesson 5, thesis and Paragraphing. Activity 5.1 Warm-up pages 97-102

    Week of 20-24:
    Lesson 6, Concluding the Unit-Writing on Informational Essay. Activity
    6.1 pages 103-107

    Week of 27-30:
    Guided Practice II, pages 108-114 Pre-Writing-Creating a Box online.Mr. Newton-9 th Grade Literacy