Angela Robertson


    Hello, my name is Angela McMillian Robertson and I'm one of the fourth-grade math and science teachers at Sun Valley Elementary. I have been teaching for 16 years. I am also a product of Birmingham City Schools. I am a graduate of Alabama State University and Walden University. As a proud mother of two, my goal is to inspire each CHILD to BELIEVE.

    It is my belief that all students can learn. I welcome the challenge of finding my students’ strengths and weaknesses. It gives me pleasure finding ways to push them forward to the next level. I am looking forward to all the experiences that this school year will bring as well as the enjoyable and exciting memories I will make from being a part of the delightful Sun Valley Team.



    Name:  Angela McMillian Robertson
    Grade:  4th Grade
    Classroom: 502
    Phone Ext:  205-231-5740 work 205-683-5270 home



     Sun Valley Elementay

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