• Ms. Holifield
    6th Grade Science

    Earth science  

    The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious.
    It is the source of all art and science.
    -Albert Einstein 

    Welcome to Ms. Holifield's Earth Science Class

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    Welcome to Putnam! You will enjoy the increased activities and freedoms associated with middle school. You will also become aware that your attitude and study habits will be crucial to your success in Middle School.

    Daily Course Agenda: See below for example of warm up and agenda

    Copy/Answer Warm up - first 5 minutes of class

    Copy agenda for the entire week - every Monday

    Teacher Guided practice/instruction

    Student independent/group work

    Formative/Summative Assessments

    Differentiation Classroom:

    It is my objective to provide different learning tasks, whenever possible, that will challenge your child to stretch and grow. As curriculum and conditions permit, your child will not repeatedly practice skills that they have already mastered. Instead they will complete work that is different and at their challenge level.

    Daily Science Warm Ups: See below for example of warm up and agenda

    · Warm ups should be completed in the Science “Warm Ups” tabbed section of the composition notebook.

    · Each warm up should be dated in the top right-hand corner. The warm up question should be written down completely followed by student answer.

    · A warm up is an assignment that is completed during the first 5 minutes of class.

    · It is a short question used to review the material covered in a previous lesson, to assess previous knowledge, to introduce vocabulary and to provide practice.

    · Students are allowed to use their notes and/or worksheets to answer the question(s).

    Agendas: See below for example of warm up and agenda

    · Agendas will serve as the only hall pass available to students.

    · If a parent/guardian writes a note to the teacher in the agenda, it is the student’s responsibility to show that note to the teacher.

    · Students will be given time at the first of the week to copy the entire weeks agenda. Any additional time to complete agenda will be used the next day. Parents, please check your child's agenda every week.

    ·Schedule is subject to change due to unexpected events, such as fire drills, or students needing more time to work on subject matter.

    Student Expectations:

    1.    Enter QUIETLY. First 5 minutes of class, no talking.

    2.    Sharpen pencils and take out supplies.  Only pencils will be used in science lab.

    3.    All papers will include FIRST and LAST name.

    4.    Take your seat and complete the daily warm up, in your composition notebook. You will have 5 minutes, during this time to complete warm up.

    5.    Class composition notebook always stays in the classroom. You are not allowed to take it home.

    6.    Keep all work in your composition notebook organized. You will be successful as long as you know where things are located in your notebook.

    7.    ALWAYS COME PREPARED! This means bring all your supplies, paper, and a pencil every day. Parents, please check on your child's pencil and paper supplies frequently.

    8.    If you are absent, you should go to the absent box located in the classroom and get the work you missed. Also see your planner for more information. Ask a fellow classmate what you have missed. It is the student’s responsibility to find any absent or missing work.

    9.    Show respect to teacher and other students.

    10. Keep your conversation professional. Profanity is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.