Name: Kauanda Crumble
    Grade: 7 th/8th
    Subject: Reading/Language Arts
    Greetings South Hampton Bulldogs, My name is Mrs, Crumble- Gardner I am a proud graduate of Miles College. 
    I have worked in education for 20 yrs, with one year in private school and 19yrs in Birmingham city school.
     It is a pleasure and honor to be your 7th and 8th grade English Language Arts[ ELA] teacher. I look forward to a awesome year , learning
    alongside you with Zoom, Schoology, Clever, My Perspective, and Scholastic.com. 
    Please note the following Zoom Meeting IDs. In order to access your class, you will visit https://zoom.us/join and enter the ID for your class.
    The Meeting ID will not change unless otherwise specified.
    These are the new  updated changes to the new Zoom Meeting Link every 7th grader should  come to all seventh grade class.
    Just as all  the 8th graders should  come every day there are no two different days.
    Mrs. Crumble homeroom Mon-Thur/  Zoom Link ID: 871-0253-6860/ Everyday
    7th Grade/ English/ Reading/  Mon- Tues/ 8:30 am to 9:15am
    Zoom Meeting ID: 834-3849-0469
    7th Grade English / Reading /Wed-Thur/ 1:00 PM-1:45 PM
    Zoom Meeting ID: 858-1971-2175
    8th Grade / English/ Reading/ Mon-Tues/1:00PM-1:45PM
    Zoom Meeting ID/: 841-8817-0763
    8th Grade/ Wed-Thur/8:30am-9:15am
    Zoom Meeting ID: 841-8817-0763
    Thank you parents sorry for the inconvenience.
    Please remember your time and date . Also, write down your Zoom number.
    " Always remember that you are Braver than you believe, Stronger than you think, and More
                                     Loved than you will ever know."


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