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    Mr. Owens

    Name: Ms. Joslynn Dill
    Grade: 6-8th
    Subject: Exceptional Education
    Classroom: 126, Red Hall
    Phone: 205-582-8193
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    Ms. Dill's Syllabus


    Name: Coach Albert Owens

    Grade: 6-8

    Subject: Exceptional Education

    Email: aowens@bhm.k12.al.us





    I am so excited for you to be a part of my class! My students are not ordinary human beings. They are hard workers, trustworthy, reliable, and determined. It is a privilege for me to be your teacher, and I am thankful for you! Before we talk about rules, I want to talk about 4 goals that I have for ALL my classes:

    1. Believe in yourselves!
    2. CANNOT is not allowed.
    3. See the beauty
    4. Learn everyday


    These goals may seem silly, but these goals will help you throughout life. They will change your mindset. It will provoke positivity, happiness, and perseverance when you feel things are getting tough, or you believe you cannot do something.


    I believe in you whole-heartedly, and I believe that learning should be fun and intriguing. 


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