• From the Office of the Principal


    Dear Ramsay Family,


    Thanks for stopping by, virtually, to check us out!

    “On the City’s Southern Border, stands the school WE Love!” Yes, WE LOVE Ramsay! Ramsay High School, founded in 1932, is nestled on the southside of Birmingham and sits as a beacon of excellence on the top of the hill!  It has been in the spirit of excellence that you all have operated in this school year.  Our rich heritage is woven in the tapestry of history with rich stitching of academic excellence.  Our school is sets the standard for excellence in academics and athletics.

    The Ramsay faculty and staff supports learning and is committed to propelling students into their best excellence! It goes without saying that I have the best faculty and staff in the land! Many of our faculty are leaders in the district and state.  They set the bar high for teaching and learning in moving data and pushing students to their highest academic potential.  Their commitment, drive, and work ethic speaks to the innate ability and gift of teaching that they possess.  The teachers’  unwavering dedication to seeing students win and achieve catapults me into excellence, daily! The adage, “Iron sharpens Iron” is embodied here on the hill!

    We realize on the hill, that we cannot do this work alone.  We have parents that believe in the partnership between the school and the home! Our parental involvement is the foundation for which our work is based upon.   Their support of excellence and expectation for their children to be successful and prepared as a result of the Ramsay experience, makes us greater!

    I invite you to stop by and experience the Ramsay magic, whether in the classroom, on the court, or on the field!


    In the spirit of excellence,

    CR Walker

    Dr. Carolyn Russell-Walker,


  • Dr. Walker

    Dr. Carolyn Russell-Walker, Ph.D