Welcome to Critical Reading!

    This class is designed to support students in becoming informed, analytical readers and eloquent, expressive writers and speakers. In the eighth grade, students will write and read with a more critical eye than they have in past years. Eighth grade year is a bridge between middle school and high school and is, therefore, a pivotal year of instruction. Students will increase the complexity of what they read and write as well as broaden their knowledge of literary texts and quality authors. Their use of language in speaking and writing will become more sophisticated as they learn new techniques of rhetoric from reading the work of master writers, and as they use these techniques in their own compositions. Reading and Writing, like any other useful skill, are only improved through practice. Students should make reading a daily habit; Their level of success in class depends on it! As we navigate this new era of literacy across all disciplines which demands that students read, interact with, and unlock a variety of texts, Critical Reading will help students to master the skills and strategies they will need to be successful!