• Visual Art!

    Name: Howard Crosby
    Grade: 9-12
    Subject: Visual Art I and II/ AB Tech & Comm.
    Classroom: 107
    Phone Ext: N/A
    In an effort to encourage further integration of multicultural curricula, my class aims to detail several key dimensions of multicultural education, particularly as they apply to art education. Drawing on Banks’s (1994b, 1995b, 1996e, 2004) dimensions for multicultural education, these dimensions include content integration, equity pedagogy, knowledge construction and transformation, empowering school culture and social structure, and prejudice reduction. Each dimension is explored in depth, and scholars in art education will address each of these dimensions in the course of the school year. Armed with the understandings offered within visual arts, perhaps art teachers will feel more versed and find greater comfort in attempting to incorporate multicultural programming into their art curricula or to extend their existing multicultural endeavors. This is the endeavor I have charged myself with in the effort of enhancing the experience of creating art in my program.
    Link for Visual Art Program: The Carver Chronicle


    BA in Graphic Design
    M.Ed Art Education