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    The keyboard and its keys
    The keyboard allows you to communicate with your computer by typing in commands. It is imprtant to learn what they keys are used for and where they are located on the keyboard. The above lessons will help.
    QWERTY is the name of the keyboard we use today. Do you know why? Look at the letters on the top left side of the keyboard. This is how the keyboard got its name. Do you know how many keys are on the keyboard? Tell your teacher when you know. We are going to learn about some of the keys.
    Function keys:
    These are the F# keys at the top of the keyboard. Each one has a special function and depending on what software program you are using the functions vary.
    Enter/Return key:
    When you are typing this key is used to start a new line. It also tells the computer to carry out comands when working on the computer.
    Escape key: ESC
    Escape means to exit. This key is used to exit a program or stop working and go back to the beginning.
    Tab key:
    The tab key is used to indent a sentence at the beginning of a paragraph. Each time you want to indent you must use this key.
    Caps Lock key:
    This key allows all letters to be typed in capital letters. You can also hold down the shift key to make capital letters.
    Backspace/Delete key:
    If you make a mistake you can use these keys to erase what you need corrected.
    Arrow keys:
    These 4 keys move the cursor around the screen without erasing text. 
    Control, Alt, and Shift
    These keys must be pushed with other keys to carry out a task.
    Spacebar key:
    Probably the most used key of all the keys. It is used to put space between words.
    Keypad keys:
    These keys can act like a calculator. You can add +, subtract -, multiply *, and divide /.