• What music education does
    Name: Tabitha Ivey
    Grade: K5-5th
    Subject: Music
    Classroom: Music room
    Phone Ext:
    Email: tivey@bhm.k12.al.us


        I grew up in the greater Birmingham area, and am grateful for the opportunity to invest in the city I
    love and call home. I have degrees in music education from Samford University (2014) and Auburn University (2018).
    I've had the honor of being the music teacher at Sun Valley Elementary since 2015. 
          I was fortunate enough to have an exceptional music teacher in elementary school. I had been in children’s
    choir at church, but she really sparked my passion for music and encouraged it. Ever since then I wanted to be
    just like her. I love teaching because I enjoy investing in people, especially children. I labor to show them love
    and guide them toward the person they could be. In the classroom, I strive to show them the value of music
    and hopefully spark a passion within them for it. I want to help my students master the basics so they can get
    the most out of music, whether it is a career in music or singing along with the radio. Music is something that
    speaks to the soul when words cannot, and impacting the life of a child is one of the most important things
    any one person can do. That is why I do what I do.
    In Ms. Ivey's music classroom, we experience making music together through hands-on and kinesthetic activities.
    Here are a few examples:
    As a capstone project, our 5th grade students work in groups to create their own music videos. Those videos are in the Music Video
    Videos from previous years can also be found on the Sun Valley Elementary Youtube page.
    The videos are not accessible to the public, but anyone with the link can view them.