• 4th Grade Team

    Mr. Gbargaye, Mr. Pride, and Ms. Smith Jones



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    Fry's Fourth Grade 100

    Sight Words with Flashcards

    By the end of fourth grade, you can expect your child to:


    • Begin to make more decisions and engage in group decision-making
    • Want to be part of a group
    • Think independently and critically
    • Have empathy
    • Show a strong sense of responsibility
    • Be able to memorize and recite facts, although he may not have a deep understanding of them
    • Increase the amount of detail in drawings
    • Work on research projects
    • Write a structured paragraph with an introductory topic sentence, three supporting details, and a closing sentence that wraps up the main idea of the paragraph
    • Use a range of strategies when drawing meaning from text, such as prediction, connections, and inference
    • Understand cause-and-effect relationships
    • Add and subtract decimals, and compare decimals and fractions
    • Multiply multi-digit numbers by two-digit numbers
    • Divide larger multi-digit numbers by one-digit numbers
    • Find the area of two-dimensional shapes
    • Have a greater awareness of fairness