• Every Child.  Once Voice.

    Greeting Parents,

    It is my goal as PTA President, is to work in partnership with our Administrator, Educators, Support Staff and Parents PTA President to build awareness of our need to help students to reach their full potential. We will work collaboratively on inactivates designed to support our school. I encourage each of you to become involved with the PTA here at EPIC Alternative Elementary School. We want our school to be a great place for our children to thrive.

    I encourage each of you to join the PTA and have an active voice! Even if you are not able to regularly attend meetings or events, we welcome your participation in other ways.  Membership is $10.00 for individuals and $15.00 for a family; and  it is paid annually.


    If you have a comment or concern, please email us at weareEPICPTA@gmail.com., follow us on Facebook for important announcements @ E P I C Elementary School PTA and join our remind class for updates and reminders


    I invite you to attend our monthly meetings, share feedback and ideas. The PTA is here to assist you if needed. If there is anything that I can do to make this year EPIC, please do not hesitate to contact me. We encourage open and honest feedback and we will work to address any concerns that may arise. I look forward to working with each of you this school year!


    Erica Lamar-Coney, President 2018-2019


    "Every Person Is A Champ." 
    This motto was created by two EPIC students and emphasizes the view that each child is a vtial part of the whole winning team.
    The EPIC PTA mission is to support the learning environment of the school.
    "Within our school we are all different and we are all alike.  What matters most, however, is that we are all significant."