Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Harrell

I am so happy to welcome you to Science and Social Studies. These courses will consist of experiments, projects, research, group activities, group assignments, and so much more!

Group work is huge for Science and Social Studies. In order to be successful, working in a group needs to come easily.

In order for every student to successed the line of communitcation between Parent and Teacher must remain open. I am a firm believer in addressing any issues immediately and giving praise consistently. 


The first line of communication will be reminder after Zoom Meeting. I will send out an invite using the phone number provided to the school. 

The second line of communication will be to email. My email address is I will return email ASAP. If I have not returned your email within 24 hours, send me a reminder. 

If these two lines of communication fail, Zoom conference or phone conference will be scheduled


These courses will involve more in-class (ZOOM) work than homework. However, we will have homework every week. Homework assignments will be posted in Schoology.

These courses are FUN, EXCITING, hands on learning courses.