• Kimberly Sellers-Hall, School Counselor


    W.E. Putnam Middle School has a Comprehensive School Counseling and Guidance Programs. The programs goals are divided into several components: Academic Development, Career Development and Personal/Social Development. The ultimate goal of the program is teaching college and career readiness, prevention and intervention techniques, thus resulting in productive citizens of society.


     School Guidance Core Curriculum

    The curriculum addresses awareness of self and others educational goals, and career planning. It provides guidance content in a systematic way to all students. Counseling sessions are conducted in three settings. They are large group, small group and individual. The administrators, teachers, parents and students can make referrals.

    Individual Student Planning

    Individual Student Planning includes counseling activities that provide every student with an opportunity to plan, monitor, and manage his or her academic, career, and personal development. Individual student planning emphasizes test result interpretation, while academic counseling includes postsecondary education, career/technical education and career planning.


    Responsive Services

    Responsive Services include counseling and referral activities that meet the immediate needs and concerns of students. Responsive Services include personal counseling, crisis counseling, problem solving, agency referrals and consultation.


    Indirect Services

                                                   Professional Development                                                            Advisory Committees

                                           Public Relations                                                                          Community Outreach

    Curriculum Development Support (Data Analysis, Student Advocacy, Postsecondary Education and Career/Technical Planning)

                                                                                                  Consultation (Teacher/Administrator/Parent /Community Agencies)



    Activities are many but not limited to the following:

                                                                     Preventive Programs                                                                   Personal/Social Development Skills

                              Goal Setting/Planning (Gear Up)                                                             Transitioning                                                                                                                       

                                                                        Career Awareness and Exploration (Kuder Career Planning Online Assessment)
    Four Year Plans (Kuder Career Planning - 8th Grade ONLY)


    These activities are integrated into the curriculum. Recommendations are made based on needs assessment surveys.


    Counseling Referrals can be made by students, teachers or parents. Once a referral has been made, an appointment will be set. Appointments are set during P.E. /Related Arts periods. Students will not be seen during academic time unless it is absolutely necessary. Teachers will be informed of where students are during these times to serve as a check and balance system.


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