• Hello!

    My name is Ms. Davison and I am looking forward to an exciting school year with your child. My years as an educator has taught me the communication between parents and school staff is just as essential as engaging in your child in the learning process.


    If ever any concerns arise, you may reach me using Remind (remind.com/join/2gd8g2) and I will get back with you as soon as possible.


    Students will also track daily assignments, upcoming projects, upcoming field trips, behavioral notes, and other messages in their agenda books. You may also send messages and doctor notes inside of the agenda as well.


    If there is any change in how your child is to get home from school, you must inform me in writing, otherwise, your child will be sent home in the usual way.



    How YOU can help your child be successful in school!

    1. Read EVERYDAY! You can read to your child or have your child read to you...either way, READ!
    2. Create a consistent after-school routine. Set aside time to work with your child, help them study and complete homework assignments.
    3. Be POSITIVE! Make it a habit to speak positively about school, learning, and your child's teacher.
    4. Encourage! Provide support and encouragement as your child learns and grows throughout the school year, focus on their strengths and provide praise!
    5. Be sure that your child is getting plenty of rest each night so they can be ready for school each day.
    6. Stay INVOLVED! Make it a point to ask your child about their day.
    7. Communicate!