What is the purpose of Student Information Services Department

    Student Information Systems Department is a point of contact for BCS employees, parents, students, organizations, and government agencies that require technical support, training, data or student information from the Birmingham City School District. 

    Why do we need a Student Information System?

    The passage of the "No Child Left Behind Act of 2001" increased accountability and reporting requirements regarding student academic achievement. In order to better respond to these and other federal and state reporting requirements, a state-level and centralized District-level student information system is needed. 

    The system assigns a unique number to all students enrolled in the system. The use of individual student records will: 

    •increase the state's capacity to follow a student's progress over time;
    •provide better quality data to drive more enlightened policy decisions resulting in enhanced educational opportunities for all children;
    •reduce data collection burden on schools and districts; and
    •enhance the use and relevance of state data by districts and schools.

    How do I get assistance when I have problems using our Student Information System?

    The Support structure for our Student Information System consists of two levels. On one level there are the local schools Database Managers. The Database Managers are the first line of support for teachers and local school administrators at a school location. The SIS Department is there to support the Database Managers and Board of Education administrators.

    Who to contact for assistance?

    Every School has a designated point of contact to assist in any Student Information Inquiry. These points of contact are available both internally (School based Support) and Externally (District based Support).

    The school based support person, which also the first level of support that should be contacted, is known as the Database Managers and this person serves as the protector of the data locally. The Database Managers responsibility is to make sure the data that is housed in the student information system is accurate and complete. The District based support person is responsible for assisting the needs of both the school and the local Database Manager.


  •    Staff 
    David Adams
    Sr. Customer Tech. Service Rep
    Chalkable by PowerSchool
    Mickey Campbell
    Sr. Customer Tech. Service Rep
    Chalkable by PowerSchool
    Gwendolyn Slater
    System Analyst
    Teresa Thomas, Ph.D.