•  Bush K-8 School
    Genita Matthews, Principal
    Genita Matthews  

    “Focus on Leading, Teaching and Learning”

    Principal’s Belief

    I believe that each student should have a well-rounded education that is relevant, engaging and meaningful, supported by high quality teacher leaders, who motivate and encourage them to take risks, embrace diversity, dream beyond their current realities, and develop into productive citizens that can compete in a globally evolving society.

    Bush K-8 School is a PreK through Grade 8 school with a current projected enrollment of approximately 293 students, which makes it a fairly unique experience for our students. For this reason, I will be able to get the opportunity to meet with every student to discuss their goals and our expectations for them. This also gives our students the opportunity to participate in several extracurricular activities and/or clubs and organizations.
    We are looking forward to getting to know and work with all of you to ensure that each and every student in the school is successful this year academically and socially.  To that end, we ask that every student come to school every school day on-time  with all of his or her required materials prepared to do his or her best.  Success is a team effort and every player (student, parent, teacher, and stakeholder) is an integral part of that team.  When every player does his or her best, everyone wins!
    Game days at Bush K-8 will be spirit days. Our school colors are blue and gold and our mascot is a bulldog.  You will be notified when students will be able to wear school t-shirts or any blue and gold clothing to represent school spirit day.  Let's build a strong, healthy, spirited team by proudly wearing our school colors on Fridays when approved!
    Genita Matthews