• What Do I Want For Our Students at Bush K-8 School?
    I would love to see the students at Bush K-8 School be successful by coming to school on time, bringing all necessary school supplies to school, learning the skills needed to be promoted to the next grade level, and behaving in a manner respectful to all stakeholders. The students should love to come to school as if it is like home.  I want them to have the mindset like they were at Walt Disney World (never wanting to leave)! School should be a fun and safe place for teaching and learning and that is what we are going to have at Bush K-8, Go Bulldogs!!!!!!!!!
    Genita Matthews 
    Questions for you...
    • Purpose: What should students know and be able to do as a result of their school experience?
    • Parameters: What will staff need to know and be able to do in order to create programs and services that address students' needs?
    • Principles: Who will monitor, align, and adjust programs and services so that all students are successful?
    • Priorities: How will the school board identify and support quality programs and services?