• Welcome Parents and Students,

    My name is Mrs. Bayon Mckenzie the Read 180 Teacher.

    I look forward to working with your student this year. The question was asked to me Why Teach? I teach because of the love I have for children.  I desire to feed them with knowledge and understanding. I am a very compassionate teacher, and I do understand that everyone will not get there at the same time. That is okay. I promise you that we will all get there. This year we will learn some very important skills for mastering and understanding the importance of Reading. 

    Software used daily Student Scholastic 

    Workbooks used daily rbooks 

    Students will engage in collaboration with other students

    Students will create a tri-fold poster to end the workshop called a (workshop wrap-up).

    Students will read out loud

    Students will be respectful

    We will have FUN!!

    Thank You,

    Mrs. Mckenzie