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    Phone:  205-231-6431





    Greetings, my name is Dr. Shirley Graham-Burrell.


    As your new principal of P.D. Jackson-Olin High School, I am honored to join the “Mustang Family.” It is my humble duty to work with all stakeholders in the Jackson-Olin community as we move forward, onward, and upward in academic achievement. My overarching goal is to refine my professional practices as an educator in order to keep pace with the ever-evolving expectations of 2lst century learning. I earned a B.S. from Stillman College, Tuscaloosa, AL; M.A. and Administration Certification, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL; Afterward, I graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a doctorate in Educational Leadership and Administration. I am also a member of Phi Delta Sigma Alumnae Sorority.


    While having found success in various educational settings, my background includes teaching elementary, middle, and high school. I later transitioned to an assistant principal and within one year, I was presented with the opportunity to become a principal. Furthering my successes and experiences in the educational setting, I have also had the opportunity to serve as the coordinator of personnel as well as facilitating the mergers of both elementary and high schools within the Birmingham City Schools district. After serving as principal of elementary and high schools for many years, I served as principal of Dupuy Alternative School. Other achievements include: 1) presenter at local, state, and national educational conferences, 2) received the Excellent Leadership Award from the National Urban Alliance for Effective Education, and 3) served as a mentor to aspiring educational administrators.


    Although I am well known as an educational leader, the family is one of the most vital elements in my life. I am proud of my husband and extremely honored to be the mother of three amazing children and four amazing grandchildren.


    Therefore, in order to pursue my goals, I will establish a framework for professional development that fosters growth in professional learning communities to build capacity within the school to inspire all educators.