At Bush K-8 School, we strive to make educating our students a collaborative effort with the parents and the community.  We cannot exist without the support of our parents, and we definitely cannot be successful without caring, positive, and dedicated parents.  We are always asking for you to volunteer.  Please call our Family Involvement Coordinator, Ms. Juliette Hunter at 205-231-9070 Tuesdays-Thursdays, to see how you can support our students.  We encourage local businesses to check on ways they could contribute to a vibrant and successful community through the schools. 
2016-17 Meetings
The time will vary from from mornings to evenings, based upon majority of parents votes.  The meetings will be less than one hour. 
The Benefits of PTA for You and Your Child
Your child can receive a total of 100 points in Reading and/or Math, if you attend a PTA meeting and join for only $10.00 a year. The class with the highest attendance will receive a class party. Your child will see an increase in learning and decrease behavior problems. You as the parent, will learn effective strategies to educate your child. You can implement your ideas and talents to our students.
Parental Involvement Focus Groups Meetings
View the calendar for parental involvement dates.  If any dates and time changes, you will be notified.
Please click on the link below to download, print, complete and send information to school, so that you can get started today.