• Welcome Arrington 4th Grade! 

    During this time that students are at home, we are working to provide some programs that you can use at home to help your student continue to learn. If you do not have consistent access to internet at home, we are attaching a link to math and reading packets that you can print and work through with your students (these are the same packets that the school printed). If you do have consistent access to internet, we have 3 programs that are aligned to state standards that will continue to help students grow and reach their leaning goals. To access these programs, our students have Clever accounts where they can login and find all of the links neccessary to continue learning. I would love if your student will do at least 30 minutes daily on one of the websites listed below. If you have access to a device compatible with I-Ready, I would prefer you to use that website. However, if your student only has access to a cell phone, you may need to use the other sites such as Stride Academy or Education Galaxy. Your students can access all of these websites on their clever accounts. I will be providing additional online instruction through various other methods and resources. All information can be found on your student's google classroom. I have also provided below a copy of my online learning schedule for MOnday-Thursdays as well as log in information to the various sites. 

    Clever- Username is s#       Password is Bulldogs#4


    Resources found in Clever: 

    Google CLassroom- Username is: s#@bhm.k12.al.us            Password is Bulldogs#4

    I-Ready- Username is s#        Password is Bulldogs#4

    Stride Academy- Class Code: alc425025          Password is s#

    Education Galaxy- Username is s#        Password is s#

    Newsela- Great Reading Resource with quizzes to test comprehension. Choose a lexile level between 700-1000 when choosing an article. (This is found at the top right corner.)





    Time                            Activities 


    Wake up, Breakfast, Get Dressed 


    Log in and work on I-Ready, Stride Academy, or Education Galaxy 

    (Mon/Wed- Reading       Tues/Thurs- Math) 


    Morning Class Zoom Session 


    Reading/ELA Class (Assignments and Resources on Google Classroom) 


    Morning Brain Break 


    Math Class (Assignments and Resources on Google Classroom) 



    12:00- 1:00 

    PE/Exercise/Music/ Play 


    Science/Social Studies Class (Assignments and Resources on Google Classroom) 


    Afternoon Class Zoom Session 


    *This is a suggested schedule to use as a resource. Students can move at their own pace, and they will not be penalized for missing a zoom session. However, zoom sessions will be beneficial for students to be able to get feedback and answer questions about the day’s work. ALL  daily assignments will be found on Google Classroom, and all websites will be linked in CLEVER, including google classroom. (https://clever.com/) 

    Thank you so much for continuing to work with your students during this time. If students do not rememeber their s#, please feel free to email me. I am here to help during this time of extended stay at home. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact me at mgoggans@bhm.k12.al.us.     

     Mrs. Dickerson