• Name: Tanaha Scarbrough Sharp

    English 10

    Office Hours: Mon-Thursday 9am -12pm and 4pm - 6pm.

    Telephone number: (618) 800-6539 ( For telephone calls; text anytime and I will respond as soon as I get the message)

    Email: tscarbrough2@bhm.k12.al.us ( Email anytime and I will respond as soon as I get the message)


    Note to parents:

    Your scholars are set up in Google Classroom. They are familiar with the paperless classroom process.  I can assist you and your scholar with the progress of assignments that are created and completed in Google Classroom. 

    You may receive updates by sendiing your scholar's first and last name to tscarbrough2@bhm.k12.al.us or ( 618-800-6539)  and I will repond with the completion rate of their assignments.  

    I can assist you with INOW (checking your scholar's grades) sign in and password info if your scholar has forgotten this information. 

    Please call/text (618-800-6539) if you have any questions or concerns reguarding any topic that I have not mentioned above. If I do not know the answer, I will point you in the right direction. Your family's concerns are our concerns at Carver High School.

    It is imperative that all students take advantage of the skills that are being assigned to ensure a success for the next (2020-2021) school year.  It is my pleasure to teach your scholar, and a joy to serve as a vehicle for their educational success.  


    If your scholar does not have access to a cell phone, chromebook, tablet, computer, or wifi, please text (618-800-6539) and leave your child's name. I will respond with alternatives to getting the assignments.