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    Let's finish the year strong! Let's Go...... Viking Reading Nation!  (My email address-cburrell2@bhm.k12.al.us)

     (Mrs. C. Burrell) Welcome to 4th Grade Science & Social Studies Class

    My name is Cathareene Burrell and I love education! My Mom was the first person to recognize my gift of being a teacher. She witnessed my tutoring and mentoring skills every day after school with my friends in the neighborhood. My parent’s patio was my classroom! I had worksheets, paper, pencils, and a small chalkboard.  She always called me her "Little Teacher" and I guess she was right...here I am today, not so little anymore.  Today, I work hard to help others to find the best in themselves academically and personally. I’m dedicating my time, patience, and heart to making a difference in the lives of others.  I want my students to excel in academics and in every aspect of life. So, that being said, expect high expectations and many success stories on this 4th-grade journey. I am so happy you are sharing your little one with me, and I promise to provide them with the best experience in Reading and Social Studies.