• Welcome to the School Safety and Security Department!

    Mission Statement

    The Birmingham City School System Safety and Security Department is committed to serving the community and school district. The department will demonstrate professional excellence by utilizing proven safety and security methodology, new technology and superb training.

    The department will enforce all laws in an impartial manner at all Birmingham City schools and will do so with honor, integrity and respect for the dignity of all citizens, staff and students. The Birmingham City Schools Safety and Security Department will execute its duties and tasks in a skillful, proficient manner and will be responsive to the changing needs of our community and school district.  




    BCS is committed to the safety and security of our students, faculty, and staff.  It is of the utmost importance that we provide an effective means for reporting information anonymously.  The BCS Safety Line provides a way to report activity that could put school or student safety at risk.    

    When calling BCS Safety Line, you DO NOT have to identify yourself and your phone number WILL NOT be captured or traced.   You may call this number to report:

    • The possession of a weapon (by a student, parent, or community member) on school property
    • An impending threat of violence on a student, school personnel or school property
    • Fighting
    • Gang activity
    • Theft
    • Vandalism

    This line may also be used to report the following:

    • Child abuse (by a parent, guardian, or school personnel)
    • Harassment
    • Bullying or intimidation
    • Sexual misconduct
    • Use, possession, or transmittal of tobacco products, alcohol, or drugs. 

    When calling the BCS Safety line to report a threat and/or suspicious activity, describe specifically what you observed or the suspected activity, including:

    • Who or what you saw or heard;
    • When you saw it;
    • Where it occurred; and
    • Why it is suspicious.