• Welcome to Ms. Smith's 9th grade math and reach class! I'm so happy to have you! In order to be successful in Geometry with Data Analysis and Reach this year, it is so important that students attend class EVERY DAY, ask questions for understanding, and complete & submit assignments on time. If we are required to return to remote/virtual learning, it is imperative that students attend Zoom meetings daily and communicate with the teacher about their learning progress. Our class meetings will be a good time for listening to instruction, asking questions, and getting the help you need. It is very important that we are patient, understanding, and helpful to one another. I am unaware of your previous experience in your math classes or your emotions towards math, but I am committed to helping those who want to be successful in math this year. That will require what we call ACCOUNTABILITY. This means to hold responsible. Responsibility is not always fun, but it is necessary to achieve your goals. Due to Covid-19 still being prevalent, we may retrun to remote learning as mentioned before. Because students will have to adapt to remote learning again, it will take you holding yourself and sometimes your classmates accountable for doing what is necessary to succeed. I will be sure to hold you accountable for doing what is necessary to be successful this school year. With that being said, here is how you may contact me if you have questions about the content, assignments, how or when to turn in assignments, or scheduling a tutoring session (No calls after 6pm or on the weekends):

    Phone: (205) 286-8899

    Email: ksmith11@bhm.k12.al.us


    Zoom Code for ALL Classes:



    Google Classroom by Class Period:

    1st: wocsz5h

    Reach: kwen56a

    2nd: dwcmvbt

    3rd: tcvuebj


    Remind Codes by Class Period

    1st- kh4g8ea

    Reach- ff3d437

    2nd- ec4a69h

    3rd- 6ebb6k