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  • COVID-19 Update


    The COVID-19 pandemic has caused changes in every part of our lives, including the way I have to teach my scholars. I hate that I cannot meet with my students face-to-face, but I believe that the safety of my students is a priority. I aim to do my very best to help them learn as much as possible before they move on to 7th Grade World Geography and Civics.

    Teaching, learning, and depending on a virtual platform is a concept that is new territory to all of us. As we plan and transisition, I ask that you continue to be patient with me, and the school. I promise to make myself as available to you as possible. 

    Please continue to check the webpages of all of your child's teachers, as well as the JVMS and BCS websites, to make sure you remain in the loop on activities and announcements. Explore every virtual platform and application your children receives. If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to reach out to me with the contact information I've provided.

    We're going to be alright!

    Ms. Jackson

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  • Welcome To 6th Grade Social Studies!!!

    We’ve got a new addition to the Jones Valley Dragons Family, YOU!!! 

     I am honored and excited about all the wonderful concepts and ideas I will be teaching this year. Hopefully, by the completion of the year I will have a group of inquisitive and aware intellectuals ready to challenge difficult situations head on while adding to our society in a positive way.

    Our course of study covers all the major events in U.S. History from year 1720 to the present day. This seems like a very long timeline to cover, and U.S. History is stereotypically known to be a “boring” subject, but I have every intention to change the way my students feel about this subject. I strongly believe that my students’ impact on the future is determined by their knowledge of the past. It is my duty as your teacher to eliminate fear, stereotypes, and stigmas, by engaging students in activities that will give them a greater appreciation of the past.

     As a part of my family, you have full access to the wonderful resources and activities this website provides! Please check back here often, as I will post important information and announcements. 


    "Be what you can be

     Learn what you must learn

     Do what you can do

     And tomorrow your nation 

     Will be what you want it to be"

    --Useni Eugene Perkins