Welcome to the counseling program at Sun Valley Elementary School.  I am thrilled to be a part of your child’s academic career.  The school counseling program is based on the American School Counselors Association Model and Standards.  


    Counseling Approach/Responsibilities

    The guidance program focuses on identifying students’ personal, social, academic, and career needs; as well as teaching students, age appropriate coping skills.  A few of our guidance services provided include:  conflict resolution, anger management, bullying, components of healthy relationships, substance abuse, self-esteem, study skills, safety, and introduction to various careers.  Counseling services are offered through individual and/or small group counseling, classroom guidance lessons, and conferences with both students and parents.



    The information shared in a counseling relationship is treated with the highest respect and confidentiality.  However, I do have an ethical responsibility to share information if that child has been harmed or has the intent to harm others.   I am required by law to notify parents of any threats of suicide.  I’m also required to notify the proper authorities of child abuse, neglect and threats to harm others.  It is my duty to turn over records that are subpoenaed by a court of law.  If you desire that specific information be shared with others, you will be asked to sign a consent form.  There will be times that I may need to consult with other counselors, administrators, or teachers regarding student’s issues.  In such cases, the student and parent will be notified of such involvement.  We hope you understand our ethical and legal responsibility concerning these matters.