Ms. Alexandra Rich

Phone: Google Voice Number: 256-467-6671


Degrees and Certifications:

MAE from UAB 2014 BFA from JSU 2010

Ms. Alexandra Rich

Allow me to introduce myself!  My name is Alexandra Rich.  Know to most of my students as "Ms. Rich." I have been a Visual Arts Educator since 2008, and teaching at West End Academy since 2018.  Here you will find visual art activities so that your children can continue to work on their art skills at home.


Below are some fantastic links Dr. Mayes suggested: (this is a family that does "guided drawings" together!)  (This is a link to a video about 5 women artists)


Here are some "at home" drawing prompts:


DAY 1: Draw your favorite animal

DAY 2: Illustrate your favorite song lyrics

DAY 3: Illustrate a scene from your favorite book

DAY 4: Draw a shamrock and fill it with pattern designs DAY

5: Create a comic strip DAY

6: Draw your favorite thing to do outside

DAY 7: Draw a character from your favorite movie or tv show

DAY 8: Create a poster for earth day

DAY 9: Draw your favorite dessert

DAY 10: Draw a historical figure

DAY 11: Draw your favorite soda

DAY 12: Draw the home you live in

DAY 13: Doodle something random

DAY 14: Draw something you want to do in your lifetime

DAY 15: Draw your favorite video game or time waster (youtube, tiktok, etc)

DAY 16: Draw something you would like to eat right now

DAY 17: Design a new machine

DAY 18: Draw something awesome in your life

DAY 19: Draw something green

DAY 20: Draw yourself as an adult

DAY 21: Draw your favorite food

DAY 22: Draw your best memory

DAY 23: Draw something that you are proud of

DAY 24: Draw what inspires you

DAY 25: Draw a person that you love

DAY 26: Draw a creepy bug

DAY 27: Draw something that you do not like

DAY 28: Draw a toy

DAY 29: Draw your favorite fairytale or fable

DAY 30: Draw your favorite candy


Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!  I am avaialble between 11am-7pm for quick questions via text, if you need additional help email me your availability, and we can set up a phone call. 


-Ms. Rich :)