Degrees and Certifications:

Welcome to 6th Grade ELA !


I am Ms.Bell. This is my seventh year teaching and my third year teaching at WJ Christian. I received my Bachelors in Elementary Education from The University of Alabama at Birmingham. I received my Masters in Elementary Education from the University of West Alabama. I am elated to be your English Language Arts teacher this year! My goal is to instill a love of reading and writing in every student that will continue throughout his/her life.

This is a rigorous program with an advanced workload. English Language Arts encompasses reading, writing, grammar, speaking and listening skills. Students will build on those skills acquired in fifth grade as well as master new skills. Students will be immersed in literature and informational text across all content areas. Students will cite textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly, determine the central idea (theme) of the text as well as draw inferences from the text. Students will also determine the meaning of phrases, figurative language, word relationships, connotative meanings, and tone.  Students will analyze motives for characters thoughts and actions and explain the development of the author’s point of view. In addition, students will compare and contrast reading a text and listening to and viewing a version of the text.

Books we will be reading

1st Nine Weeks-  Love that Dog  (Sharon Creech) 

2nd Nine Weeks- Out of My Mind (Sharon Draper)

3rd Nine Weeks - The Wednesday Wars (Gary D.Schmidt)

4th Nine Weeks - Hatchet ( Gary Paulsen)


I have high expectations for my students. I sincerely believe with hard-work and perseverance, academic success will be achieved. Lastly, as with every school year, I am thrilled to teach this group of sixth graders. I look forward to an engaging and exciting year with every student.